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Bookkeeping Service

We provide monthly bookkeeping, bookkeeping cleanup, and payroll services to small businesses. Clients can rely on us to help them through their critical bookkeeping issues and position them to thrive in an evolving and emerging marketplace. 

Business Advising

Our Business Advising services help clients calibrate their company for maximum performance, achieve business objectives and transform value to become sustainable, forward-thinking companies that are ready for the challenges the future may bring.

Personal Finance

Our Personal Finance services help clients learn to use their money wisely and effectively, while taking into account various financial risks and future life events.


We offer support wherever you are in your business cycle — whether you’re thinking about starting a business, just started, or currently operating.

Our passion is helping business owners mitigate risk, gain the right information, and build a sustainable business edge by providing genuinely high-quality services. Green Life Consulting, LLC specializes in Bookkeeping with ancillary services in Business Advising and Personal Finance.

While we serve the Greater Houston, TX area, we work with small businesses across the United States by leveraging the latest in cloud technology. The core of our bookkeeping platform is QuickBooks Online, which supports practically everything we do. The functionality, security, and integration with other apps make it the superior bookkeeping solution on the market.

We pride ourselves on conducting business in a highly professional, ethical, and customer-driven approach. This approach allows us to deliver fast, accurate, cost-effective services which in turn allows you to spend time building your successful business. We look forward to developing a healthy, lasting, and trustworthy business relationship.

Jerome A. Chenevert
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