Industry Segments

Green Life Consulting specializes in providing a variety of Cannabis industry businesses with top-tier insurance coverage.


Cultivators are confronted with a wide range of risk challenges including fire, theft, equipment breakdown and other inherent risks that impact the business.  As a result, our focus is to provide relevant solutions to address or reduce many of these exposures including but not limited to crop insurance, product liability to business interruption coverage.


Owners work hard to create perfect dispensaries.  Burglary, vandalism, fire and other hazards can strike at any moment.   We are here to mitigate the risks associated with these hazards.

Processors and Manufacturers

Processors and Manufacturers of cannabis and hemp concentrates and edible products carry many of the same standards and regulatory requirements as vendors of everyday consumer based products found in stores.  Understanding all the nuances associated with those risks, we help clients source leading-edge coverage solutions best suited for these businesses including but not limited to product liability and liability and product recall.


Our extensive industry experience proves to be of significant value when dealing with many of the inherent exposures and challenges confronted by landlord's that support the cannabis industry.  This firsthand knowledge is what clients have come to rely on when seeking to address landlord business risks.

Testing Laboratories

Local and state involvement in testing cannabis products is increasing every day. Green Life Consulting provides insurance against general and professional liability for testing labs.

Ancillary Businesses

We provide a variety of insurance products to the ancillary businesses that serve the cannabis industry.  We are able to provide general and professional liability, property, products and workers' compensation insurance, among others to the legal cannabis industry.

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