Financial Solutions

Be in the Right Mindset

Capital Funding:

  • Cannabis has been legalized in some states for both medical and recreational use.

  • Legal Cannabis sales have boomed to $10 billion in 2018 with a growth trend that is not slowing down.

  • As a result, some private equity and VC firms see this as a lucrative opportunity to invest and get in on the ground floor.

Our process is to identify client's funding needs and match client with the most appropriate funding source.

Approval Within 5-7 Days

Items Needed to Qualify
• 6 months business bank statements
• Minimum application

Money/Loan Uses
• Anything you want
• Expansion
• Marketing
• Business Capital

Who Qualifies
• 500 Fico
• BK’s ok
• Tax liens ok
• Bank Turndowns

Serving All 50 States


Merchant/Payment Processing:

CBD Retail / eCommerce Payment Solutions

  • Customized global payment processing

  • 24 hour approvals

  • Fast on boarding

  • Advanced fraud protection

  • Most competitive rates in the industry

  • Payment gateway

  • Experienced with online retail CBD sales

  • Flexible underwriting

  • Processing for MasterCard and Visa

  • Great customer service

  • Payment solution successfully processing for over 3 years

Dispensary Payment Solutions

  • Eliminate cash from sales transactions

  • Accept PIN-based transactions

  • Quick, easy approval and setup

  • Accept all payment types: NFC/ CTLS, mobile wallets, EMV, magstripe

  • Flexible connectivity: 4G LTE, dual-band WiFi, and Bluetooth BLE (can be used for deliveries)

  • Maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption

  • Reduce cash handling and cash management

  • Reduce risk of employee theft of cash

  • No need to change from your current bank

  • Integration with your POS system is not necessary

  • Earn money on each approved transaction

  • Touchscreen display


Ready to get started? Download the application and mail it back to us.