Cannabis Education

Life Long Learning

Over 80 years of mis-education about Cannabis creates a great demand for correct and accurate information.  Education is the most powerful tool to break the stigma of Cannabis. We work with industry subject matter experts (SME) to provide learning and training about the history, development, laws, and business of Cannabis.

Together with SMEs we offer classes, seminars, and training about the Cannabis industry.

Our workshops are designed to introduce participants to the Legal Cannabis Industry. We focus on the "7 Elements of Cannabis" -history, science/pharmacology, laws, cultivation, medical, business, and social impact. Our team consists of doctors, lawyers, farmers, business consultants, CPAs, cultivators, manufacturers, pharmacist, professionals and experts from other ancillary industries.

The Perfect Flower: Cannabis Workshop & Networking Mixer

June 22, 2019, Houston, TX

Cannabis Education Workshops

Cannabis Education Workshops