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Progressive companies don’t wait to see what the future will bring. They shape their futures today.


Cannabis companies have to work strategically— they are facing advance technologies, global competition, emerging business models, changing customer and employee expectations, and evolving laws and regulations. By remaining flexible and adapting to these changes faster than their competitors, companies can achieve competitive edge and transform challenges into opportunities to prosper. 

GLC Cannabis Business Advising services help clients calibrate their company for maximum performance, achieve business objectives and transform value to become sustainable, forward-thinking companies that are ready for the challenges the future may bring.

Clients can rely on us to help them through their critical business issues and position them to thrive in an evolving and emerging marketplace. Our core solutions are customized to our client’s specific industry needs.

Our Process

Setting the Standard.

Green Life Consulting understands that business goals and strategies evolve, our services support you wherever you are in your business cycle — whether you’re thinking about starting a Cannabis business, just started, or currently operating, we help you develop and implement the right controls to mitigate risk and/or advance your company to match your ambition.

We are helping set the Cannabis industry standards for clients. Our focus is to help you create value for your company, protect its value against unnecessary business risks, and transform your Cannabis business. Our process is rooted in a risk management approach and a problem-solutions model.

Advising Process Model


Business Plan Writing

The Plan

Every effective business has a business plan.  GLC realizes that a business plan is not a simple recipe you follow; however, it is a living document that you will always develop.

We offer FREE initial consultations to help you better understand how to plan your business for success.

Business Development

the business

What is business development? At GLC, we view business development as a process that assists in building long-term value and worth.

GLC has a network of highly skilled independent Consultants, experts in their respective fields. Together, this collaboration of talent allows GLC to match you with industry expertise to meet your particular consulting needs.

Staff Sourcing

The Staff

As the Cannabis Industry emerges and grows, staffing will definitely be a  concern. GLC works with industry leaders in Hemp and Cannabis recruiting and Cannabis training for dispensary jobs. Our Cannabis recruiters focus on finding the best employees for all types of Hemp or Cannabis jobs.

We have access to the resources needed to efficiently narrow down the search quickly. We specialize in helping you find the perfect employees seeking a Cannabis career or if you are seeking a Cannabis career.

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