About Green Life Consulting, LLC

Green Life Consulting, LLC (GLC) specializes in Cannabis Business Insurance and Cannabis Business Advising. GLC is established with the primary purpose of conducting business in a highly professional, ethical and customer-driven approach. Our prime focus is to assist clients in building a successful Cannabis business while complying with applicable laws and regulations. Businesses these days require diverse and sophisticated approaches, which is why we offer our clients the very best service throughout the relationship. The agency, agents, consultants, and affiliates are held accountable to the highest standards and are expected to meet and exceed clients’ needs in a precise, timely, and complete manner. We promote an agency-client relationship that provides a hands on and sustainable approach to the Cannabis Industry.


Our Cannabis Business Insurance services center around insurance advice, a variety of policy types, and selections from a deep-sector focused insurance provider. The coverage includes but is not limited to “All Risk” property, general liability, product liability, property in transit, crime, professional liability, directors and officers. Our Cannabis Business Advising services focus on helping clients take their idea from conception to realization by creating value for their company and protecting its value against unnecessary business risks. We also offer meaningful Cannabis Education and quality Cannabis Staff Sourcing. Our process is rooted in a risk management approach and a problem-solution model. GLC is family owned and is assisted by an extensive network of independent consultants with many years of experience in education, human services, banking, pharmacy, agriculture, business, law, medicine, compliance/regulations, insurance, and Cannabis.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to employ honesty and integrity while providing genuine high-quality Cannabis Business Insurance and Cannabis Business Advising Services. To help emerging Cannabis-based businesses mitigate risk, gain right information, and build a sustainable business edge. 


Our vision is to be an indispensable leader in the Legal Cannabis Industry, by providing genuine high-quality Cannabis Business Insurance and Cannabis Business Advising Services. Thereby, helping emerging Cannabis-based businesses develop and maintain a sustainable business edge

Jerome A. Chenevert

Jerome Chenevert is an Economist, Educational Technology Specialist and CEO of Green Life Consulting, LLC with 20 plus years of experience in financial services, education and advising. He has taught children and adults; and is skilled in creating virtual learning platforms across different industries.  With his experience in bank management and financial services, he has a wide lens view of the Legal Cannabis Industry. His research and educational background in Legal Cannabis makes him knowledgeable and a reliable source for industry insights. He is an advocate for the Legal Cannabis Industry who speaks on the importance of Cannabis Education, risk management, and business equity. He combines his charismatic personality with his in-depth knowledge to lecture at seminars, workshops, and conferences. He is the proud father of 6 intelligent children and devoted husband to his wife of 16 years.


Tamar C. Bibbs

Tamar Bibbs, known to many as the “Emerald Hempress”, is the Senior Advisor of Green Life Consulting, LLC. Mrs. Bibbs has 18 years combined experience in Cannabis Science, Medical Marijuana Specialist, forensic sciences, law enforcement, training and career development, and social services. Mrs. Bibbs educational background is Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from University of Phoenix, Cannabis Entrepreneurship, Money Management, Grant Writing, Strategic Leadership, Client Management Training, Starting and Operating a Small Business, Farming and Hemp Agriculture. Her interest includes International Cannabis travel, Small Scale Farming, Industrial Hemp and Textiles, and Cultivation. Her focus is educating minorities regarding farming, health, and wealth opportunities in the Cannabis industry and supporting them. She is a member of several groups and organizations such as Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Reform of Houston, Activists for Texas Cannabis Reform, Veterans Rights, First Responder Support when dealing with Neurodiversity, Wakanna For Life distributor, and volunteer with Audia Jones for Harris County District Attorney campaign.


She is also a Travel Agent who has turned her love and passion for travel and Cannabis as her travel packages for clients. IV20 Houston provides clients with International Cannabis destination travel and excursions.