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Welcome to Green Life Consulting, LLC

We empower clients to drive profitability, foster sustainable practices, and achieve a harmonious balance between professional aspirations and personal value.

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Green Life Consulting, LLC helps clients calibrate their company for maximum performance, achieve business objectives, and transform value to become sustainable, forward-thinking companies that are ready for the challenges the future may bring.

Clients can rely on us to help them through their critical business issues and position them to thrive in an evolving and emerging marketplace. Our solutions are customized to our client’s specific needs.

We understand the importance of staying up to date with the latest economic developments and using cutting-edge analytical tools to deliver honest practical advice and service to our clients.


Through the services of Green Life Consulting, LLC, clients are empowered to drive profitability, foster sustainable practices, and achieve a harmonious balance between business aspirations and personal values.


Jerome Chenevert is the Lead Economist at Green Life Consulting, he has provided economic insight to guide investment decisions, risk assessments, and strategic planning for clients across different industries.

Throughout the past 26 years, he has actively studied and participated in the modern economy. He brings that experience to the table working with business owners to achieve economic security, stability, and growth.

He has advising and consulting experience in banking, financial services, education, business, real estate, and technology. Additionally, he has hosted a radio show, spoken at conferences, and appeared on several podcasts. His lived experience and education have given him an understanding of how the economy works, which has fueled his passion for helping others.

He is known for his commitment to excellence and adherence to providing objective, data-driven analysis. He is a husband and father of six; therefore, he understands the true value of time and money.


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We help small business owners maximize their profitability with bookkeeping and financial services curated to their business needs.

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