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Welcome to Green Life Consulting, LLC


My name is Jerome Chenevert, I have spent the past 26 years actively studying and participating in the modern economy. I have been able to do this by acquiring a BA in Economics (Hampton University), a MS in Education Media Design & Technology (Full Sail University), and gaining experience in banking, financial services, education, business, and technology.

This lived experience and education have given me insight into how the economy works. It has fueled my passion to help others.

The way I help others is through Green Life Consulting, LLC. At Green Life, we leverage the latest cloud technology to provide genuinely high-quality Bookkeeping Services and ancillary services in Business Advising and Personal Finance. Our Bookkeeping Services help business owners save time and increase profits. Our ancillary services help business owners sustain their competitive edge and reach their personal financial goals.

All of this would not be possible without the love and support of my wonderful wife, Shinette, of 19 years and our six children. As a husband and father of six, I understand the true value of time and money. Let’s Connect!


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We help small business owners save time and increase profits each year by streamlining their bookkeeping.

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Toll Free: 833-848-4422

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